Traxxas 9211 Body, Ford Bronco (2021) (Clear, Requires Painting)/ Decals/ Window Masks

by Traxxas
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Body, Ford Bronco (2021) (clear, requires painting)/ decals/ window masks (includes grille, side mirrors, door handles, fender flares, windshield wipers, spare tire mount, clipless mounting, hardware) (requires #8080X inner fenders)

From mild to wild, Traxxas clear bodies are your own personal canvas. You choose the color and design and Traxxas ProGraphix® paint makes it easy to get professional quality results. Traxxas clear bodies come fully-trimmed with pre-drilled body holes for easy mounting. There's also a protective overspray film applied to the body. Window masking, body accessories, and decals also come in the kit.