Traxxas 3663 - Satin Chrome Wheels, Terra Groove Dual Profile Tires (2)

by Traxxas

Traxxas 3663 - Tires & Wheels, Assembled, Glued (Satin Chrome Wheels, Terra Groove Dual Profile Tires, Foam Inserts) (Electric Rear) (2)

Brand: Traxxas

Part Number: 3663

Terra Grove tires replicate the "hand carved" look of full-size monster truck treads. The tough rubber compound hooks up for maximum acceleration and great grip on a wide variety of surfaces including dirt, grass, pavement, and rocks. The tires come mounted with foam inserts and pre-glued to deep-dish satin-chrome wheels with bead-lock detailing. Fits 12 mm hex, 2WD electric rear

Accessory part for these models:

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