Welcome to your Official New Zealand Traxxas help site.

If you are experiencing problems with your Traxxas model we advise you to follow the steps below.

  • Read the manual that came with the model and also view the training DVD.
  • Go to the Traxxas Frequently Asked Questions page of which you can click on the link below.
  • Failure of this support to solve your problem, you are welcome to send us your model with the store receipt and full details of the problem you are experiencing and we will endeavor to solve your problems.
  • If you are experiencing any engine problems, these can often be traced back to incorrect run-in procedures. It is most important to follow the run-in procedures to the letter when you first get your Nitro Model. DO NOT SHORTCUT THIS PROCESS.
  • Traxxas FAQ web page:

    Listed here are all the Manuals, Parts lists and exploded views available for all the Traxxas models. Go here to download your applicable corespondence if you have lost or cant find the ones that came with your buggy. Please ensure you get the correct model.

    Traxxas Manuals and parts lists